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Manufactures, importers and suppliers of public warning equipment for emergency vehicles


Manufactured  in South Africa

  • Highly effective low cost warning unit flashes the high-beams of the vehicle
  • 3 Flash modes - Alternating left / right or alternating double left / double right flash or a combination of both
  • Flasher can be overridden by engaging the vehicles normal high-beam (bright lights)
  • Can switched by a normal rocker switch or via one of our siren amplifiers using the RJ45 lead
  • Operating voltage: 12V or 24V



Manufactured  in South Africa

  • Facilitates the manual & auto-activation of warning lights as well as the horn ring transfer
  • Simplifies the wiring up of warning lights
  • Plugs into the siren amplifier via a RJ45 lead
  • Switching of either 3 sets of lights or 2 sets of lights with the aux on the soft-touch siren then controlling the mode of the LED lightbar via the siren faceplate
  • Lights easily connected with spade terminals.
  • Unit has it's own power input which allows the controlling of lights even if siren malfunctions
  • Operating voltage: 12V or 24V


- ICU/HF100 - Manufactured  in South Africa
  • Combination of the ICU100 interconnect unit & HF100 headlight flasher, therefore eliminating the need to purchase two separate units
  • Plugs into anyone of our siren amplifiers via the RJ45 lead
  • Voltage: 12V or 24V




  • Uses solid state transistors for efficiency and reliability
  • 6 channel output. Each channel capable of a 16 amp load
  • 7 different flash sequences including a static mode.
  • Can switched by a stand alone switch or via one of our siren amplifiers using the RJ45 lead
  • Operating voltage: 10V- 30V

NB: Pulsing & latching software available



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